23rd January 2019

Public Meeting: After Trump’s Election – Fighting Against Racism and All Forms of Oppression at Home and Internationally

Public Meeting: After Trump’s Election – Fighting Against Racism and All Forms of Oppression at Home and Internationally

Thursday, February 16 7PM, Teacher’s Club, Parnell Sq. Dublin 1

(Final speaker to be announced)
Fatin Al Tamimi – Palestinian Activist, Chairperson Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Kieran Allen – Senior Lecturer in School of Sociology, UCD

First Part: Introduction by the speakers

Second Part: Discussion and contributions from the audience followed by planning for a broad rally on March 11, including opposition to Trump’s racists, sexists policies, Enda Kenny’s visit to White House on St. Patrick’s Day (#NotInOurName), End Direct Provision Campaign (#EndDp) and Equality in Ireland (#EqualityIreland).

We would like to invite all community, human rights, women’s and minority support groups, NGOs, housing and homeless activists, anti-racism groups and trade unions to discuss and build for the national rally on 11 March.

All Welcome



Trump run an election campaign of bitter vile racism as well as sexism, homophobia and hate speech. After taking the office he has not wasted a day to continue with his plans and his racist attacks.

Trump is not just a faraway problem we just comment on. Here in Europe and in Ireland we have a duty of building bigger, democratic united anti-racism, anti-sexism campaigns that fight for equality on all fronts and for the rights of women, LGBT, refugees, asylum seekers and indeed supports the fight against homelessness and other forms of inequality.

Europe is being polarized. On one side there are far right forces enjoying Trump’s attacks on all front while on the side we have tens of thousand of people marching for women’s, LGBT, migrants rights, supporting refugees and saying no to wars.

How do we grow a strong and broad campaigns against Trumpism and against all forms of oppression at home?

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