30th May 2024

14 July, Public Rally: Solidarity Against Racism and Fascism

Public Rally: Solidarity Against Racism and Fascism
Saturday 14 July, 2PM
GPO, Dublin

All welcome!

Supporters of fascist English Defence League (EDL) founder Tommy Robinson have called a rally in London on Saturday 14 July.

In the North, racist Cllr Joelene Bunting, far right/fascist Britain First, EDL and Generation Identity have also called another rally in Belfast on the same day.

There will be counter rallies in Belfast and London against these racist/fascist mobilisations.

When these groups marched in London and Belfast in June they had made nazi salutes and shouted deeply racist and sexist abuse against Muslims, migrants, refugees, women and LGBT members.

Using ‘free speech’ as an excuse they have spread the worst hate speech imaginable.

Joining a broad coalition of anti-racists/anti-fascists, United Against Racism Belfast have confronted the far right/fascists with counter demonstrations on two occasions.

We are calling a rally in Dublin on Saturday 14 July in solidarity against racism and fascism. We will march in solidarity with all anti-racists/anti-fascists in Belfast and London.

We will not allow the emergence of such forces, North and South.

(More details to follow)

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Welcome Diversity and Solidarity
No to racism, Islamophobia and fascism
Refugees Welcome
Long live international solidarity
¡No pasarán!

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