19th June 2024

ALL OUT 6 NOV! Global Day of Climate Action #ClimateRefugees

The COP26 Coalition – based in Glasgow and with international support – has issued a call for a day of mass demonstrations across the world on 6 November. COP26 Coalition Ireland has been set up to help build demonstrations across the island of Ireland.

United Against Racism has been a part of the coalition in Ireland and we urge all our members and activists across Ireland to mobilise and support the rallies in Dublin and Belfast and other places

#COP26Ireland #ClimateCoalitionNI 


#Justice4ClimateRefugees #NoBarbaricBorderPolicies  #SolidarityWithGlobalSouth 

6 November 2021

Dublin: March for Climate Justice | Garden of Remembrance | 12 PM
United Against Racism members and activists will be meeting at the Gate Theatre from 11.30 and join the rally at the Garden of Remembrance at 12 PM. We will have placards, banner and badges.

Belfast: COP26 Climate Rally – Belfast | City Centre | 1 PM

Galway: Rally For Climate Justice | Spanish Arch | 12 PM 

Cork: Rally For Climate Justice | City Library, Grand Parade | 12 PM  

We are delighted to have United Against Racism speakers at Dublin and Belfast rallies to bring the voice of justice and international solidarity against barbaric border policies and racism directed at refugees.

All out tomorrow.

Global Day for Climate Justice. Join United Against Racism marching as part of the COP26 Coalition Ireland and Climate Coalition of Northern Ireland.

Unite the Union, Ireland puts it clearly: “The climate crisis affects us all,  but those who have done least to cause it all too often bear the brunt – from workers in Ireland whose jobs are threatened by decarbonisation, to people living by the Niger Delta rivers blackened by oil spillage.”

Solidarity with Climate Refugees. No to Racism

Climate Change is real and it is happening. There are already millions of people facing the risk of forced displacement and becoming refugees due to climate change and related disasters. According to some estimates there will be up to 250 million climate refugees globally in the next decade. 

Refugees of the wars have been subjected to widespread barbaric border policies and racism. Governments that supposed to respect human rights and look after people fleeing wars and persecution have turned their backs to refugees.

Today, climate change is threatening the living conditions of millions of people. The world leaders gathered at COP26 in Glasgow know that. They have the power to take real action and stop it. But, will they?

We must organise and put pressure on them. For all of us here and internationally before millions of innocent people becoming climate refugees and facing, yet again, deadly borders and racism.


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