15th April 2024

Britain’s Royal Institution and Racism

The British royal family likes to be portrayed as an institution which is above politics and is the “Family of the nation”.

The recent revelations following the interview with Oprah by Meghan Markel and Harry Windsor suggest that this family is the type of bigoted racists you wouldn’t want to live next door to! It’s hard to underestimate the impact for millions of people hearing that its members were deeply concerned that Meghan and Harry’s child might have dark skin colour.

This family is the type of bigoted racists you wouldn’t want to live next door to!

The BBC News a few days ago interviewed many people on the street in Brixton South London and the response from overwhelmingly black women was rightly anger and not a little shock. Scandals have followed the royals for its entire existence, and these appear to be increasing in frequency.

Prince Andrew’s sordid relationship with child abuser Epstein and his refusal to be interviewed by the FBI has done a far bit of damage. The Queen however is portrayed as above all this and somehow not really in the know. What the Oprah interview has done is reveal that the whole institution is reactionary and racist to its core. This is not a family with a few rotten apples but a barrel full. They uphold the values of the very elite of British society and those values were founded upon imperialism and colonialism and all the foul racist drivel that went along with it in order to justify Britain’s empire and plunder.

Of course, the royals have a long history of racism from the Queen mother who wanted to appease Hitler and said he was a sincere “fellow” when sending lord Halifax a copy of Mein Kampf. Or the Duke of Edinburgh whose frequent racist outbursts on foreign trips were treated as a bit of a joke when they were anything but. Millions of people in the UK still have some affinity for the royals. Not as many as generations ago and no doubt tending to be older people. The lack of street parties when there is a big royal wedding is testimony to its popular decline in many ways.

There is no doubt that Meghan Markel was treated differently to others and this was due to her ethnicity. She was treated differently in the main stream media and this can only conceivably be down to racism. That Meghan Markel and Harry Windsor can fly off to Los Angeles and live a lifestyle we can’t begin to imagine whilst the vast majority of racism’s victims have no such option shouldn’t mean we shouldn’t call out this parasitic bunch for what they are.

The royal institution is a hangover from Britain’s fading imperial past and like it should be consigned to the dustbin of history.


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