28th November 2023

Public March: Ireland for All

9th February 2023 webmaster

Not to Racism and Far Right Lies spreading hate and fear in our communities. United Against Racism has been at the forefront of organising a national rally on 18th February to stand in unity and […]

#DropTheCharges – Free Humanitarians

2nd January 2023 Memet Uludag

EUROPEAN BORDER BARBARISM: THE TRIAL OF SEÁN BINDER, NASSOS KARAKITSOS AND SARAH MARDINI In 2000 there were 12 million refugees and 5.9 million internally displaced people (IDP) globally . By 2010 while the number of […]

The Power of Images

3rd December 2022 Memet Uludag

Julius Caesar was the man who made himself the king of the Roman Republic (not the empire). Having no son, he considered Octavian as his natural successor. Octavian, becoming the Emperor Augustus of the Roman […]

Refugees: Pull Factors, Push Factors

1st November 2022 Memet Uludag

A valuable lesson for the Government Why are the Ukrainian Refugees still coming here? Did they not hear, there are no homes for them? A valuable lesson for our rulers: Push Factors “Hundreds of refugees […]


29th October 2022 Memet Uludag

On Friday 28 October, the hashtag #IrelandisFull was trending in Ireland Twitter. The racists and far-right groups continue to exploit the housing crisis and blame migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers for the deepening problem. They […]

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