19th June 2024


210 Local and 9 EU Election Candidates have signed our ‘NO TO RACISM‘ election pledge. We have asked for the signatures of the candidates rather than the political party representatives.

Local Election Candidates from following political parties have signed our pledge:

Fianna Fáil: 37
Fine Gael : 3
Green Party: 29
Independent Candidates (No Party): 8
Labour Party: 22
People Before Profit: 47
Sinn Féin: 25
Social Democrats: 22
Total : 212

EU Election Candidates from following political parties have signed our pledge:

Green Party: 3
Independent Candidates (No Party): 1
People Before Profit: 3
Sinn Féin: 1
Socialist Party: 1
Total: 9

Renua Ireland declined to sign our pledge

Dear <UAR Representative>

I hope you are well. RENUA Ireland Candidates will not be signing the pledge. I will forward you a formal response on behalf of the Party in the coming days.
Kind Regards
Cllr. John Leahy
RENUA Ireland


We the undersigned political parties and candidates pledge that in the coming elections we reject racism and all attempts to appeal to racist ideas and sentiments.

In particular we reject any attempts to target the Traveller Community or migrants, refugees and asylum seekers or to scapegoat them in relation to housing, health and other social problems.

For Details and how to sign: https://www.united-against-racism.net/anti-racism-pledge-for-european-and-local-elections-2019/

We are delighted to receive a strong support to our Anti-Racism Pledge for EU and Local Elections 2019.

Total Number of Signatures
Local Election Candidates: 212
EU Election Candidates: 9


Fianna Fáil37
Fine Gael 3
Green Party29
Labour Party22
People Before Profit47
Sinn Féin25
The Social Democrats22
Independents for Change0
The Workers’ Party0


Fianna Fáil0
Fine Gael 0
Green Party3
Labour Party0
People Before Profit3
Sinn Féin1
The Social Democrats0
Independents for Change0
The Workers’ Party0
Renua Ireland0

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Fianna FáilCarlow County CouncilCllr.Fintan Phelan
Fianna FáilClare County CouncilCllr.Cathal Crowe
Fianna FáilCork City CouncilCllr.John Sheehan 
Fianna FáilCork County CouncilCllr.Christopher O’Sullivan
Fianna FáilCork County CouncilCllr.Gearóid Murphy
Fianna FáilCork County CouncilCllr.Gillian Coughlan
Fianna FáilCork County CouncilCllr.Padraig O’Sullivan
Fianna FáilDonegal County CouncilCllr.Patrick McGowan
Fianna FáilDublin City CouncilAmmar Ali
Fianna FáilDublin City CouncilCllr.Deirdre Heney
Fianna FáilDublin City CouncilCllr.Paul McAuliffe
Fianna FáilDublin City CouncilCllr.Tom Brabazon
Fianna FáilDublin City CouncilCllr.Trevor Gilligan
Fianna FáilDublin City CouncilDeirdre Conroy
Fianna FáilDublin City CouncilEoin Neylon
Fianna FáilDublin City CouncilKeith Connolly
Fianna FáilDublin City CouncilMichael Watters
Fianna FáilDublin City CouncilRacheal Batten
Fianna Fáil Dublin City Council Imran Khurshid
Fianna FáilFingal County CouncilCllr.Adrian Henchy 
Fianna FáilFingal County CouncilCllr.Darragh Butler
Fianna FáilKerry County CouncilCllr.John Lucid
Fianna FáilKerry County CouncilCllr.Norma Moriarty
Fianna FáilKildare County CouncilCllr.Brian Dooley
Fianna FáilKildare County CouncilCllr.Naoise Ó Cearúil
Fianna FáilKildare County CouncilCllr.Rob Power
Fianna FáilLaois County CouncilCllr.Padraig Fleming
Fianna FáilLimerick City and County CouncilCllr.Sean Lynch
Fianna FáilLongford County CouncilCllr.Pat O’Toole
Fianna FáilLongford County CouncilCllr.Seamus Butler
Fianna FáilLouth County CouncilCllr.Liam Reilly
Fianna FáilMeath County CouncilCllr.Sean Drew
Fianna FáilSligo County CouncilCllr.Keith Henry
Fianna FáilSouth Dublin County CouncilCllr.Deirdre O’Donovan
Fianna FáilSouth Dublin County CouncilCllr.Emma Murphy
Fianna FáilWestmeath County CouncilCllr.Ken Glynn
Fianna FáilWexford County CouncilCllr.Michael Sheehan
Fine Gael Dublin City CouncilCllr.Ray McAdam
Fine Gael  Dublin City Council James Geoghegan
Fine Gael  Dublin City Council Cllr.Anne Feeney
Green PartyClare County CouncilBarry O’Donovan
Green PartyCork City CouncilColette Finn
Green PartyCork City CouncilDan Boyle
Green PartyCork City CouncilOliver Moran
Green PartyCork City CouncilLorna Bogue
Green PartyDublin City CouncilDonna Cooney
Green PartyDublin City CouncilHazel Chu 
Green PartyDublin City CouncilMichael Pidgeon
Green PartyDublin City CouncilNeasa Hourigan 
Green PartyDublin City CouncilSophie Nicoullaud
Green PartyDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilCllr.Daniel Dunne
Green PartyDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilEva Dowling
Green PartyDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Deirdre Ní Fhloinn
Green PartyFingal County CouncilJoe O’Brien
Green PartyFingal County CouncilRoderic O’Gorman
Green PartyGalway City CouncilPauline O’Reilly
Green PartyKerry County CouncilCleo Murphy
Green PartyKildare County CouncilEoin Hallissey
Green PartyKilkenny County CouncilCllr.Malcolm Noonan
Green PartyLeitrim County CouncilLeslie O Hora 
Green PartyLimerick City and County CouncilSean Hartigan
Green PartyOffaly County CouncilPippa Hackett
Green PartySouth Dublin County CouncilLiam Sinclair
Green PartySouth Dublin County CouncilPeter Kavanagh
Green PartySouth Dublin County CouncilSuzanne McEneaney 
Green PartyTipperary County CouncilRose Anne White
Green PartyWaterford City and County CouncilLynne Glasscoe
Green PartyWaterford City and County CouncilSusan Gallagher
Green PartyWestmeath County CouncilLouise Heavin
IndependentDonegal County CouncilAlan Mc Menamin 
IndependentDonegal County CouncilCathal McGlynn 
IndependentDonegal County CouncilSinead Stewart 
IndependentDonegal County CouncilValerie McNulty 
IndependentDublin City CouncilCllr.John Lyons
IndependentKildare County CouncilCllr.Brendan Young
IndependentLeitrim County CouncilJamie Murphy 
IndependentRoscommon County Council.Sajjad Hussain 
Labour PartyCavan County CouncilLiam van der Spek 
Labour PartyCork City CouncilCiara Kennedy
Labour PartyCork City CouncilJohn Maher
Labour PartyCork City CouncilLuke Field
Labour PartyDublin City CouncilCllr.Alison Gilliland
Labour PartyDublin City CouncilCllr.Andrew Montague 
Labour PartyDublin City CouncilCllr.Dermot Lacey 
Labour PartyDublin City CouncilMarie Sherlock
Labour PartyDublin City CouncilMichael O’Sullivan
Labour PartyDublin City CouncilDeclan Meenagh
Labour PartyDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilCllr.Carrie Smyth 
Labour PartyFingal County CouncilCllr.John Walsh
Labour PartyKildare County CouncilCiara O’Reilly
Labour PartyLimerick City and County CouncilCllr.Elena Secas
Labour PartyMeath County CouncilAaron Byrne
Labour PartySligo County CouncilNessa Cosgrove
Labour PartySouth Dublin County CouncilAideen Carberry
Labour PartySouth Dublin County CouncilDavid Eaton 
Labour PartySouth Dublin County CouncilDenis Mackin
Labour PartyWaterford City and County CouncilCllr.Seamus Ryan 
Labour PartyWexford County CouncilBridin Moloney
Labour PartyWicklow County CouncilAnne Ferris
People Before ProfitCarlow County CouncilAdrienne Wallace 
People Before ProfitCavan County CouncilEmmett Smith 
People Before ProfitCork City CouncilTjitske de Vries 
People Before ProfitCork City CouncilEd Fitzgerald 
People Before Profit Cork County CouncilVanessa O’Sullivan
People Before ProfitDonegal County CouncilCyril Brennan 
People Before ProfitDublin City CouncilBernard Mulvany
People Before ProfitDublin City CouncilCllr.Andrew Keegan 
People Before ProfitDublin City CouncilCllr.Hazel Norton
People Before ProfitDublin City CouncilCllr.Tina MacVeigh 
People Before ProfitDublin City CouncilGillian Brien 
People Before ProfitDublin City CouncilJo Tully 
People Before ProfitDublin City CouncilPeter Dooley
People Before ProfitDublin City CouncilSíomha Ní AONGHUSA
People Before Profit Dublin City Council Annette Mooney
People Before ProfitDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilCllr.Hugh Lewis
People Before ProfitDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilCllr.David O’Keeffe 
People Before ProfitDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilCllr.Melisa Halpin 
People Before ProfitDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilDanielle O’Rourke 
People Before ProfitDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilEoghan Ó Ceannabháin 
People Before ProfitDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilLola Hynes 
People Before ProfitDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilRachael Prendergast 
People Before ProfitDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilRuth O’Connor
People Before ProfitFingal County CouncilJohn Uwhumiakpor 
People Before ProfitGalway City CouncilJoseph Loughnane 
People Before ProfitKerry County CouncilBec Fahy
People Before ProfitKildare County CouncilAshling Merriman 
People Before ProfitKilkenny County CouncilSteph Hanlon 
People Before ProfitLongford County CouncilBarbara Smyth 
People Before ProfitLouth County CouncilGus MacDonald 
People Before ProfitMayo County CouncilJoe Daly 
People Before ProfitMeath County CouncilWilliam Lacey 
People Before ProfitSligo County CouncilNigel Gallagher 
People Before Profit Sligo County Council Cllr.Gino O’Boyle
People Before ProfitSouth Dublin County CouncilCllr.Emma Hendrick 
People Before ProfitSouth Dublin County CouncilCllr.Madeleine Johansson 
People Before ProfitSouth Dublin County CouncilJohn Flanagan 
People Before ProfitSouth Dublin County CouncilKellie Sweeney 
People Before ProfitSouth Dublin County CouncilKevin Creagh 
People Before ProfitSouth Dublin County CouncilLaura O’Reilly 
People Before ProfitWaterford City and County CouncilUna Dunphy 
People Before ProfitWexford County CouncilCinnamon Blackmore 
People Before Profit Wexford County Council Cllr.Tony Walsh
People Before ProfitWexford County CouncilSue Breen
People Before ProfitWicklow County CouncilJune Maher 
People Before ProfitWicklow County CouncilPyper Ludlow 
People Before ProfitWicklow County CouncilSharon Briggs  
Sinn FéinClare County CouncilNoeleen Moran 
Sinn Féin Cork City CouncilCllr.Mick Nugent
Sinn FéinCork County CouncilCllr.Paul Hayes
Sinn FéinCork County CouncilHelen White 
Sinn FéinCork County CouncilLillian Meade 
Sinn FéinDublin City CouncilCllr.Cathleen Carney Boud
Sinn FéinDublin City CouncilCllr.Greg Kelly 
Sinn FéinDublin City CouncilCllr.Daithí Doolan 
Sinn FéinDublin City CouncilCllr.Micheal Mac Donncha 
Sinn FéinDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilRosie Ni Laoghaire 
Sinn FéinFingal County CouncilCllr.Daire Ní Laoi
Sinn FéinFingal County CouncilCllr.Natalie Treacy 
Sinn FéinFingal County CouncilCllr.Paul Donnelly 
Sinn FéinGalway County CouncilCllr.Tom Healy
Sinn FéinKildare County CouncilCllr.Réada Cronin 
Sinn FéinKildare County CouncilJohn Paul Monks
Sinn FéinKilkenny County CouncilGrace Doyle 
Sinn FéinLouth County CouncilEugene Garvey 
Sinn FéinLouth County CouncilLeanne Saurin
Sinn FéinMeath County CouncilCllr.Darren O’Rourke
Sinn FéinMonaghan County CouncilCllr.Seán Conlon
Sinn FéinSouth Dublin County CouncilCllr.Rob Russell 
Sinn FéinSouth Dublin County CouncilCllr.Sarah Holland 
Sinn FéinSouth Dublin County CouncilClrr.Louise Dunne
Sinn FéinTipperary County CouncilDamian O’Donoghue
Social DemocratsClare County CouncilBeckha Doyle 
Social DemocratsClare County CouncilChris Kirwan 
Social DemocratsCork City CouncilSinead Halpin
Social DemocratsCork County CouncilHolly McKeever Cairns
Social DemocratsCork County CouncilSíle Ní Dhubhghaill 
Social DemocratsDublin City CouncilCatherine Stocker 
Social DemocratsDublin City CouncilJen Cummins
Social DemocratsDún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilSinéad Gibney 
Social DemocratsFingal County CouncilAengus OMaolain
Social DemocratsFingal County CouncilCllr.Cian OCallaghan
Social DemocratsFingal County CouncilTracey Carey
Social DemocratsGalway City CouncilJohn Crowley 
Social DemocratsGalway City CouncilOwen Hanley 
Social DemocratsGalway City CouncilSharon Nolan 
Social DemocratsKildare County CouncilAidan Farrelly
Social DemocratsMeath County CouncilAmy McGrath
Social DemocratsSouth Dublin County CouncilCarly Bailey 
Social DemocratsSouth Dublin County CouncilRob Hunter 
Social DemocratsSouth Dublin County CouncilSandra Ruiz
Social DemocratsWestmeath County CouncilFiona Lynam 
Social DemocratsWicklow County CouncilDave McGinn 
Social DemocratsWicklow County CouncilJennifer Whitmore
SolidarityCork City CouncilCarol Brogan
SolidarityCork City CouncilCllr.Fiona Ryan
SolidarityDublin City CouncilCllr.Michael O’Brien
SolidarityDublin City CouncilRita Harold
SolidarityFingal County CouncilCarah Daniel
SolidarityFingal County CouncilCllr.Eugene Coppinger
SolidarityFingal County CouncilCllr.Matt Waine
SolidarityFingal County CouncilCllr.Sandra Kavanagh
SolidarityFingal County CouncilJohn Burtchaell 
SolidarityGalway City CouncilConor Burke
SolidarityLimerick City and County CouncilMary Cahillane
SolidarityLimerick City and County CouncilPaul Keller
SolidarityLimerick City and County CouncilSeónaidh Ní Shíomóin
SolidaritySouth Dublin County CouncilCllr.Brian Leech
SolidaritySouth Dublin County CouncilCllr.Kieran Mahon
SolidaritySouth Dublin County CouncilCllr.Mick Murphy
SolidaritySouth Dublin County CouncilJess Spear
SolidaritySouth Dublin County CouncilSandra Fay
SolidaritySouth Dublin County CouncilStephen Nugent


Fianna Fáil0
Fine Gael 0
Green Party3
Labour Party0
People Before Profit3
Sinn Féin1
The Social Democrats0
Independents for Change0
The Workers’ Party0
Renua Ireland0

Visit our interactive map for details of candidates/county & city councils


Carlow County Council1000010002
Cavan County Council0000110002
Clare County Council1010001205
Cork City Council10403211214
Cork County Council40000132010
Donegal County Council1004010006
Dublin City Council113516942243
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council00301811014
Fingal County Council20201133517
Galway City Council0010010316
Galway County Council0000001001
Kerry County Council2010010004
Kildare County Council30111121010
Kilkenny County Council0010011003
Laois County Council1000000001
Leitrim County Council0011000002
Limerick City and County Council1010100036
Longford County Council2000010003
Louth County Council1000012004
Mayo County Council0000010001
Meath County Council1000111105
Monaghan County Council0000001001
Offaly County Council0010000001
Roscommon County Council.0001000001
Sligo County Council1000120004
South Dublin County Council20303633626
Tipperary County Council0010001002
Waterford City and County Council0020110004
Westmeath County Council1010000103
Wexford County Council1000130005
Wicklow County Council0000130206
Grand Total3732982247252219212

We have contacted parties/candidates through various channels to ask for their signatures


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