30th May 2024

Protest at the US Embassy: Stop Trump’s Border Barbarism. No Child is Illegal!

United Against Racism call on people to join us at the US Embassy on Thursday to protest against the barbaric immigration policies of the Trump administration. The separation of children from their parents at the border is an atrocity and must be resisted.

While the US government, whether lead by Democrats or Republicans, has a long history of horrible mistreatment of immigrants and asylum seekers, the policies of the Trump administration constitute a serious intensification in cruelty and racism. The caging of almost 12,000 children after being ripped from their parents is a horrible crime against humanity.

UAR would also like to draw attention to the response of the Irish government to this latest crime by the Trump administration. While Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has called the actions “indefensible, immoral, and shocking”, there has not been any indication that any concrete action will be taken by the Fine Gael-led government. Words are cheap, and if the government wishes to maintain any kind of credibility they should withdraw the official invitation to Ireland extended to Donald Trump.

Moreover, the hypocrisy of Coveney and Fine Gael will not be ignored by ordinary people. The Direct Provision system this government presides over has resulted in the mental torture of asylum seekers, including thousands of children. Any extension of solidarity from the government is useless while they maintain this abuse of human rights at home.

Join the protest on Thursday! No human being is illegal!

Amnesty International-Ireland is calling on the U.S. administration to immediately put an end to this unnecessary, devastating and unlawful policy of forced separation, and to reunite those families that have already been separated as quickly as possible. Before the protest a letter will be handed in to the Embassy at 4.45pm. AI are aiming to have as many organisations sign on to this letter as possible. If you can please be there early to support Amnesty International

#ChildFriendly #NoOneIsIllegal #EndDeportations #EndDirectProvision

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