20th July 2024

Public March: Ireland for All

Not to Racism and Far Right Lies spreading hate and fear in our communities.

United Against Racism has been at the forefront of organising a national rally on 18th February to stand in unity and solidarity with many organisations and asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in this country.

We are part of a coalition of many organisations and groups collectively building for the march on 18 February : Ireland for All – Diversity not Division

Below is the call for this event. We will mobilize our members and activists across Ireland to take part in this important march. For Details visit the Facebook Event Page

People in communities across Ireland are in dire straits. They face unaffordable bills, skyrocketing rents and long waiting lists for public services which should be free at the point of use. All communities have been abandoned by the government irrespective of race or nationality.

This situation has arisen due to the conscious decisions of government ministers over a long period of time. They have refused to deal with the problems that face our society due to their vested interests with the corporations profiteering from these crises. Government policy has caused the crises, not ethnic minorities or refugees.

Ethnic minorities and refugees are more likely to be victims of the cost of living and housing crises. The deliberate scapegoating of minorities by the far right is a vicious, racist tactic to spread division and fear in our diverse communities. Rather than challenging the establishment, they are terrifying ordinary people in their homes.

Working class communities in Ireland are not racist. The far right are going into communities and using a minority to spread misinformation. The far right are amplifying racist voices and portraying them as the general consensus of the community. The far right does not speak for these communities.

This is why we are calling for a national response of unity and solidarity against the racism that is being spread in our society by the far right. We are asking you to join the march on Saturday 18 February to support and show your solidarity to all people across Ireland who feel that they have been marginalised, discriminated against or let down by the state.

This is our time to come together, across communities, women’s groups, lone parents, trade unionists, Traveller movements, minority ethnic groups, LGBTQ+ organisations, disability groups, anti-racist groups, refugee and asylum seeking organisations, faith based communities, sports, youth and community groups and services.

The terrorising of refugees and asylum seeking communities and other members of working class communities has no place in our society. Let’s show we have a shared aim where people in Ireland can live free from harassment, intimidation and discrimination.

We will gather on Saturday the 18th of February at Parnell Square for a peaceful, family friendly demonstration. Our march will represent the majority of Irish people who will not be intimidated into silence. We encourage all progressive groups who support our cause in working for a better, fairer Ireland to come together, support each other and march to celebrate the rich diversity of Ireland.

We must stand together, support each other and use this strength to create real and sustainable change for all people in Ireland.

We are stronger together.


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