20th July 2024

The Direct Provision Challenge: Living on €19.10/week

The Direct Provision Challenge: Living on €19.10/week. This is the amount asylum seekers in direct provision get.

How do you live a €19.10 per week?

From Monday, 5 December – To Sunday, 11 December.

– You have only €19.10 to spend for the week.
– Your meals are paid for separately, not included in this allowance.
– For those who travel to work or school, these travel expenses are not part of this allowance.
– All your other expenses are to be paid from this allowance.

So, how do you live on €19.10 per week?
Are you willing to take the Direct Provision Challenge?
Take part and send us a short video or text report to info@united-against-racism.net


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