19th June 2024

UN Anti-Racism Day: No to Border Racism, No Criminalization of Human Rights Activists

Public Rally to mark the UN International Day Against Racism
Assemble 2.30 PM, Saturday, 19 March 2022
Greek Embassy, 1 Pembroke Street Upper, Dublin 2
Join us on the day. Bring banners and placards
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21st March is United Nations – International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We have been marking this day as part of an international network of human rights and anti-racism campaign groups – World Against Racism. We have also supported all other organisations and campaign groups organising events. Together this day gives us a chance to bring the voice of solidarity and anti-racism to the forefront.

This year we like to remember the challenges refugees are facing globally.

The war in Ukraine has created another wave of refugees. We stand in solidarity with Ukrainian and all other refugees fleeing wars, persecution and torture. We must do all we can for the Ukrainian refugees and remember the suffering and deaths of refugees from other parts of the world. The government must widen the support to all refugees and welcome people into this country. We have seen a decade of tragedies, harsh and unwelcoming border policies and deaths refugees have faced. More than 35,000 refugees have died at the European borders.

We like to extend our solidarity to all refugees and welcome them to Europe and Ireland.

Human rights activists and NGO workers in the Mediterranean and Aegean have been criminalized and persecuted by various EU governments. The latest case is the case of Irish man Seán Binder who is facing 25 years in prison in Greece for helping rescue migrants from the Mediterranean. We like to support people like Seán and demand the dropping of these insane cases against activists. We hope to hear from Seán at the event. No more hypocrisies

TIME TO END THE DIRECT PROVISION SYSTEM: 20+ Years on the Direct Provision System continues to be a system of institutionalization, discrimination and racist practices. We have heard enough excuses to keep this system but not enough action to end it. Asylum seekers in direct provision have suffered enough. Time to end it.

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