20th July 2024

United Against Racism calls for solidarity with Ibrahim Halawa

Ibrahim Halawa’s next trial is set for 26 April.
At this stage he had almost more trial postponement than birthdays.

The silence of the Irish Government is deafening
We demand the government to act now.

Free Ibrahim Halawa. Bring this Irish citizen home.


Ibrahim Halawa is an Irish citizen who was 17 when arrested for participating in a peaceful protest during a family holiday in August 2013. Since then, he has spent 3 years and 8 months in an Egyptian prison during which time his trial has been postponed 21 times. If eventually convicted he could face the death penalty.


Ibrahim has been on hunger strike for over 90 days. He has lost 30kg in weight and has been reduced to using a wheelchair. His legal team claim that he has been beaten, tortured and electrocuted, which has had a detrimental effect on his mental health. His hunger strike is an act of desperation in the face of severe Human Rights violations.

Ireland’s response

The Irish Government’s response has been relatively muted considering Egypt’s flagrant breaches of International Law. If he was a blond and from Dublin 4 he may be home by now. The family have also been subjected to online racist abuse and fake news designed to discredit the campaign to release him. The institutional racism at the heart of this campaign and the overtly racist misinformation campaign could result in the loss of this young Irishman’s life, now is the time to act!

United Against Racism demands

United Against Racism are supporting the demand by Ibrahim’s family and their legal team that the Irish Government take legal action against Egypt at the International Court of Justice. We do not believe that he can now receive a fair trial and we call for his immediate release and return home to Ireland. The Irish Government will not make these demands without pressure from below. Join us outside Leinster House on Monday, 24th April when we will call on the Irish Government to demand that Egypt#FreeIbrahimHalawa #BringHimHome

Join our public rally Free Ibrahim Halawa, Monday, 24 April, 6PM at the Daíl (https://www.facebook.com/events/428682834175749)






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