20th July 2024

United Against Racism Statement: Supporting Home Sweet Home Campaign

United Against Racism Statement: Home Sweet Home Campaign РEnding Homelessness in Ireland

United Against Racism supports the Home Sweet Home campaign and the activists taking over the vacant Nama building (Apollo House) in Dublin for use by homeless.

  • Housing is a human right
  • End housing crisis. Homes for all

Actions taken by activists in Home Sweet Home campaign show how deep and widespread the housing and homelessness crisis is.

As our anti-racism meeting last week in a homeless hostel showed us, the more those at the top say ‘we need to look after our own first’ the less they look after the ordinary people of this country.

Homelessness is not a shame but forcing people into it is.

The housing and homelessness crisis need urgent radical action. There is enough wealth in this country to house every family or individual, be it the homeless or the refugees or asylum seekers or Traveller families. But the political will to do so doesn’t exist.

We will continue to stand in solidarity with the homeless people and Home Sweet Home and Irish Housing Network activists.

Housing for all!

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