20th July 2024

UNITED AGAINST RACISM supports the Black Lives Matter Demonstration in Dublin on Tuesday, 12 July

UNITED AGAINST RACISM supports the Black Lives Matter Demonstration in Dublin on Tuesday, 12 July

Today, if you are a black man in the U.S., driving a car with a broken light, you may end up shot dead by the police. This is exactly what happened to Philando Castile (RIP). His death came less than 24 hours after another black man, Alton Sterling (RIP) was killed by the police.

U.S. police departments don’t keep records of such killings but according to various research groups, since 2015 442 black people were killed.

Number of U.S. blacks killed by the police since 2000 is more than 2,600.

There were numerous ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest in the U.S. and globally but the state continues the ‘shoot-first’ policy.

The killing of black people by the police is not due to lack of training or some unfortunate misunderstanding by the officers confronting the victims. These are not random and isolated incidents.  The systematic nature of these killings expose the violent institutional racism of U.S. police departments and the unwillingness of the U.S. government to do anything about it. For the U.S. government, clearly, ordinary black lives don’t matter. Black people killed by the police are victims of most viscous systematic racism.

We extend our solitary to the families and friends of the police victims and condemn these killings by the police in the strongest  way.

UNITED AGAINST RACISM supports the demonstration in Dublin called by ARN and MASI and we will mobilise our members and supporters to join the protest.  Join UNITED AGAINST RACISM on 12 July, 6.30PM, The Spire, Dublin 1

#BlackLivesMatter | #NoToRacism  | #NoToPoliceBrutality




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