15th April 2024

Vigil – Solidarity with refugees and victims of war

Vigil – Solidarity with refugees and victims of war.
15 December, 6PM
At the Christmas Tree, O’Connell Str (Accross the Spire)
All Welcome!

United Against Racism has called for a solidarity vigil with the refugees and victims of war.

As we approach the end of 2016, it has been another year of extremely difficult journeys for refugees and harsh conditions in refugee camps. In 2016 refugee deaths have continued to increase in the Mediterranean.

2016 has also been another year of ‘fortress Europe’ policies by the EU governments.

The EU refugee resettlement scheme has become effectively non-functional.

The EU governments have focussed on keeping the refugees out rather than implementing some of the most basic humanitarian policies and welcoming refugees.

The Calais Refugee Camp has been destroyed by the French Government.

As the freezing winter conditions set in, in many other camps, the conditions are extremely harsh; there is overcrowding and many other problems the refugees are facing. We have seen numerous attacks on refugee camps by the far-right/racist-fascist movements.

Opportunist far-right politicians have continued to use the refugee crisis to advance their racist agenda.

But, despite all of these, we also had continued solidarity with the refugees. Ordinary people of have continued to campaign against racism and fortress Europe policies.

Refugees flee wars and death. In Syria hundreds of civilians. Many of the deaths are children. Aleppo has seen some of the most brutal attacks and killings.

We will not forget the victims of wars.

Trump, Le Pen, Norbert Hofer, Viktor Orbán… As the movement of HATE rises we need to build movement of HOPE and SOLIDARITY. Help building an international mass movement against racism and war.

Please support our solidarity vigil with the refugees and victims of war.

We like to end the year with a message of hope and solidarity.

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Photo: A child waits in line with a group of refugees on the border between Austria and Hungary at Nickesldorf (Andrei Pungovschi/IRIN)


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